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New Normal, New Inspirations: You, Artist and the World


Countdown is a global initiative to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis, turning ideas into action.
DANCE ARTISTS, as a creative contributor, cannot merely pursue their creative aspirations, they could also play a different and necessary role with long-term vision in contributing to the societal impact in terms of the overall health, development, and well-being of our society.
It’s true that 2020 was a year that challenged all of us in so very many ways, but it was also a year of reflection and transformation. While we know that 2021 will find us facing ever more different upheaval, we can also assure you that there will be great artistic to bring us solace, to inspire and enlighten us, and to offer us moments of escape and build your resilience.

Through TEDxBEYONDBollywood, the virtual event is a fantastic line-up of 6 amazing dance artists with the aim to stimulate truly global conversations through DANCE in India, bringing people from different countries, culture and communities together to make public awareness on realizing our global issues and even taking actions for positive response to protect and save our planet!


The Voice of DANCE


The first film production project by BEYOND Bollywood.
The Voice of DANCE is a dance film about Deaf and Hearing dancers who went on a journey to search for Indian dance vocabularies while they also ran into the national commemoration of Indian national hero Gandhi's 150th anniversary of his birth. They were inspired to overcome adversity to follow their dreams. It is a locally-produced, multi-scenario, cross-cultural, diversity-focused and socially-inclusive film production with the participation of Hong Kong and Indian artists and the shooting scenes took place in Mumbai and New Delhi.

*The project was supported and funded by Hong Kong Arts Development Council which was world premiered online during the 10th Hong Kong International Deaf Film Festival in Oct 2020.


New Normal, New Inspirations


2 batches of online dance workshops were conducted from Aug to Sep 2020.
The 1st batch is 5 acclaimed dance artists from 5 countries to present 5 different dances of India.
The 2nd batch is 4 groups of dance artists to present 4 styles from four corners of India and 4 types of Bollywood dance with different local elements by 4 dance artists from 4 cities.


Open Studio Day


Collaborated with 3 Artist partners in Tai Po Arts Centre, we initial a series of cross-cultural and free experiential activities on 20 Jun for the local community. It was an informal ‘open day’ and reached more the 700 audiences to share the joyful and engaging experience.


Revitalizing Tai Po


Co-organized by 10 artist groups from Tai Po Arts Centre, ‘TPArtistVillage’ co-hosted free online programme ‘Revitalizing Tai Po’ during 25 to 31 May as an art and cultural platform to connect and bridge up the Tai Po community with a variety of activities.


2020 Cathay Pacific International Chinese New Year Carnival


BEYOND Bollywood was selected to be one of the 50 performing teams including 26 overseas troupes.

*The show was cancelled due to covid-19


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